The Return of the Typewriter June 1, 2016

Russian newspaper Izvestia reports that the Federal Guard Service in their country plans to buy 20 typewriters. They believe that this will insure sensitive documents will be safer than those electronically archived. They also use the older secure telephone lines for secret conversations between heads of government. All of us have secrets-but those “secrets” are open to the eyes of our Maker. The Bible says “the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth.” So trying to hide our secrets from God is mission impossible. But when we acknowledge our spiritual bankruptcy (since there is none righteous no not one”) and receive the Lord Jesus into our lives, the Heavenly Father sees us as forgiven and cleansed by Jesus’ work on the cross. We don’t need to try to hide from Him as Adam and Eve tried to hide in the Garden of Eden.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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