God’s Clock is Ticking

The rapid progress of the world in the last generation has given rise to widespread expectations that civilization is headed for some sort of climax. Often the question is asked these days, “ Is the end of the world at hand?” While it is true that no one knows the day nor the hour of Christ’s return to earth, yet there are enough signs evident which cause one to strongly believe that the answer is yes. The advent of rapid transportation, fearful weapons of mass destruction, and the population explosion have left the entire world in a state of uncertainty. Many living today may witness one of history’s most dramatic events. One in every 25 verses in the New Testament includes a mention of the Return of Christ in one form or another. On God’s clock, several dynamic world situations are preparations for events leading to Christ’s return to this world. We will look at just three of them.

The first is the return of Israel, to their land which God promised to them many times in the book of Genesis. There we are told that “… the Lord appeared to Abram and said, to your descendants I will give this land.” Many laughed at this prophecy because in 1900, only about 36,000 Jews lived there. By 1939 it had grown to 400,000. Dramatically, on May 14,1948 the State of Israel was proclaimed. Today there are over seven million Jews living in the land, just as God promised. This was the biggest movement of the nation since the Exodus from Egypt-over 3500 years ago. This prophecy was fulfilled.

The second remarkable world event has been the rise of Russia to a place of international power and importance. At the end of the Second World War, Russia was a broken nation, with many cities destroyed. The rise of Russia is another factor in the contemporary situation in which the stage is being set for the final drama at the end of the age. In the book of Ezekiel there are prophecies saying that after Israel is in their land again, a country to the north will invade Israel in the last days. Never has Israel been threatened by a country from the north. Russia is the only country north of Israel capable or likely to carry out this threat. The rise of Russia is another factor in the contemporary situation in which the stage is being set for the final drama at the end of the age. This prophecy is being fulfilled.

The third of these important developments and mind-boggling events is the development of a one world government. The Bible predicts that after the second coming of Christ a world government will be in operation. Many today believe that world government is the only road to world peace. Never in history have so many people been willing to accept a world government as an alternative to nuclear warfare.

A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the United Nations was established on October 24, 1945. At its founding, the UN had 51-member states; there are now 193, nearly all the prominent nations in the world. Today, many believe that a one world government is the only road to world peace. No world empire was possible in the past. The book of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible are believed by students of prophecy to describe the last days. Daniel informs us that in the last days a world ruler will “devour the whole earth” and Revelation describes this world ruler as having “power over all kindreds, and tongues and nation.” The idea of the revived Roman Empire has been frequently scoffed at by those who called attention to the divisions in Europe which would make impossible the confederacy of nations. But since World War II, the remarkable development of the European Common Market and the banding together of principal European nations in an economic unity has brought a dramatic change in the total picture. Today many are predicting a United States of Europe in our generation. Watching the news about the EU will result in an understand that this is a very real possibility. Today, the concept of a one world government, for the first time in history has seized the minds of millions of the masses on earth. Are the creation of the U.N. and the emergence of the EU the beginnings of a one world government, as prophesied in the Bible, further steps in the preparation for the last days following Christ’s return?

The return of Israel to nationhood, the rise of Russia to international power and the development of a one world government are happening today and are fulfillments of prophecy. There are other similar prophecies such as the growing power of the Orient, formation of a one world church and the trend toward apostasy in the professing church. It may be argued that none of these world developments taken alone proves anything. However, when considered together and seen in the context of the prophetic teaching of God’s Word, they contain an impressive list of events and situations which are undoubtedly major signs that the end of the present age may be very near.”

These and multitudes of other prophetic fulfillments are among the strongest proofs of the accuracy, truthfulness, and inspiration of the Bible. It is imperative that we make sure we are ready to meet our Maker by acknowledging our fallen spiritual condition. Paul correctly reminded us that “There is none righteous, no not one and that “All have sinned.” Thankfully, Jesus stands ready with open arms to receive all who humbly seek forgiveness and accept the offer of a home in heaven someday. We all need to wake up and realize that God’s clock is ticking and the hands on His clock are never a fraction of a second early or late.

Alex Rockwell