June 24 – Peace

Many hearts go out to two women who are experiencing heartache. I’ll call the first one Laura (not her real name). She lost one husband in his forties. then later she lost a second husband in his sixties. Now her son, in his forties has a serious heart condition. She is distressed, and seeking peace, which she does not have. The second woman, whom I’ll call Sarah (not her real name) is young, in her 30s, the mother of four young children, recently widowed. She and her husband had a close personal relationship with Christ, and though sadly missing her life mate, and in mourning, she has peace with God and accepts what has happened. Why the difference? The older widow is still seeking peace. The young widow has peace. She experiences what Paul spoke of, “Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Are you burdened, by your circumstances? You too can have peace with God.

Pastor Alex Rockwell