June 26 – Honesty the Best Policy

Patty Wesner of Greenwich New York had an unusual experience recently. A Brink’s truck she was following hit a bump in the road, and it’s back door flew open. Then, to her surprise, thousands of dollar bills came fluttering out. She honked her horn, but the Brinks driver did not hear her. She pulled over, gathered as much of the money as she could and called 911. Soon a New York State Police trooper and two other policemen arrived, gathered up the rest of the loose money and located the Brink’s drivers. All of the $11,000 lost was recovered. In appreciation, Brink’s donated $2,500 to the community library where Patty Wesner is executive director. For Patty, honesty was the best policy. But even when it does not result in an immediate reward, honesty is still the best policy. It’s more important when it comes to being honest with God. When we admit our spiritual poverty and our need for a personal relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Alex Rockwell