July 2 – Stronger than the Storm

U.S. President Obama and New Jersey Governor Christ Christie toured sites along the New Jersey shore hit hard by last year’s super storm “Sandy.” They again reviewed the damage and gave a message of hope. Saying, “We are committed to the Federal government making the Jersey Shore stronger than it was before. Adding “After all you’ve been through, we know you are stronger than the storm.” Well, although the forces of nature can be very destructive, they do not compare with the storms that life can throw at us- such as despair, death, pain, and sorrow. And we do not have the strength in ourselves to survived the storms of life. Only God can make us “stronger than the storm.” Listen to these words: “Their soul melts because of trouble…and they are at their wit’s end. Then they cry out to the Lord and He brings them out of their distress and calms the storm…”

Pastor Alex Rockwell