July 16 – Prism Surveillance

Recent revelations that the U.S. Prism Surveillance of e-mails, phone calls, social networking and data storage is being viewed with consternation by many. The problem isn’t just what Prism knows, but what they will do with that knowledge. “But I’ve done nothing wrong” you say. Perhaps not, but your innocence will be determined on the basis of the compiled date. And we know there is certainly room for human error in accumulation of date. But one thing is certain. As the Bible reminds us, “The judge of all the earth does right.” When we stand before Him to give account, His records of our lives will be without error. The question will be, “Have you accepted Jesus Christ, God’s Son and His provision of forgiveness and the gift of eternal life? Yes or no? An old hymn asks that question this way, “What will you do with Jesus? Neutral you cannot be. Someday your heart will be asking, what will He do with me?”

Pastor Alex Rockwell