July 30 – Paderewski

As the crowd was entering the auditorium for the concert, they were surprised to hear someone playing chopsticks on the grand piano. One of the mothers in the audience, in horror, realized the pianist as her little son. She hurried to stop him but a man had heard the playing too and got to the piano before the mother. Putting his arms around the little fellow, he whispered, “keep right on playing sonny.” So the lad continued to play on the black keys while the man used the entire keyboard to demonstrate the thrilling possibilities of the piano. Who is it, the people wondered. The answer – Paderewski, the flame-haired virtuoso, the greatest pianist of his time, who was giving the recital that night. This unusual incident illustrates beautifully what God will do, if we let Him. If we allow Him to take over the keys of our lives, He will play a beautiful melody. He will bring forgiveness, peace and hope. His invitation is – “behold I stand at the door and knock. If any one hears my voice, I will come in.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell