August 08 – The Pursuit of Happiness

This Summer’s double issue of Time Magazine had as its cover story- The Pursuit of Happiness. The American Declaration of Human Rights, signed in 1776, sought to guarantee the right of everyone to this. The 18th century meaning of happiness was “… the good of the whole or civic responsibility.” . According to Aristotle, it was “an ultimate good worth seeking for its own sake.” But we often think of it as personal gratification. However we define happiness, everyone agrees that it is a state we want for ourselves. But the more we pursue it, the more elusive it becomes. If our happiness depends on circumstances, friends, or financial success, it will be fleeting, because all these can change. But if our happiness is found in the Lord Jesus Christ and His forgiveness, He has promised , “I am the Lord, I change not.” That’s because over and over again, Jesus has proven that He is the same, yesterday and today and forever.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell