August 13 – Wind Chimes

Peter Wentworth Baker has been in the wind chime business since 1981. The Millvale PEI company, Island Winds Wind chimes carries a lifetime guarantee on its products. Baker explains “we create these chimes and we would hate to think someone would throw them out because they didn’t bother to get them fixed.” He says that though they arrive in various stages of brokenness, the “chime doctor” fixes them as good as new. And our heavenly Father is in the creating business too. He made this vast universe and as a crowning act, He made man and woman and He has a wonderful plan for us. But sin interferes with God’s plan, and “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”, and we choose our own way rather than His. This leads to troubles, heartaches and brokenness. But when we return to our Maker, He can heal our broken lives, restore our purpose for living and put a new song in our hearts, “even praise unto our God.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell