August 27 – Rejection

You may have recently had a similar experience to a High school Teacher. He had been married for 27 years. when told by his wife, “ I want to go it alone.” She was leaving him. He was in shock. Is anything in life more crushing than rejection? How do you cope when it slams into your life? First, it’s important to admit to yourself that you are hurt. And don’t be ashamed to shed tears. Healing can’t begin until you admit that a problem exists. Remember emotional wounds won’t heal over night. It may take a long time to live through a rejection until you come to accept it. Above all, talk to God about your rejection. After all, He knows how it feels when friends turn away. He felt the sting of Thomas’ doubt and Peter’s denial. Yet the risen Christ offers strength to cope with rejection when you invite Him to come into your life and become your personal Savior and Lord.

Pastor Alex Rockwell