Sept 4 – Costly Inattention

The driver was on the phone and apparently looking at a document as his train barreled ahead at 95 miles an hour. Suddenly the notorious curve was upon him. He hit the brakes- too late- resulting in the deaths of at least 79 people. This recent tragedy in Spain reminds us how deadly inattention can be. Many of us rush through life thinking there will be lots of time to think about spiritual matters. Our attention is caught by our careers, families, education or hobbies, all legitimate. But if we neglect the most important issue of the next life, we are making a tragic mistake. Suddenly curves can come our way. The prophet Amos gave sound advice many years ago when he said to his contemporaries- “prepare to meet your God.” That meeting is inevitable for us all. If you check the obituary page, you’ll note that folks of any age can be taken from us.

Pastor Alex Rockwell