Sept 11 – Suicide and the Elderly

One summer day in Nova Scotia, a while back, an elderly woman walked down to the ocean drowned herself. This followed a series of unsuccessful attempts to commit suicide. Doctor Seymour Perlin, a US Psychiatrist says that the high rate of suicide among the elderly is a reflection of societies’ attitude toward the aging. The older suicide victim usually lives alone or is terminally ill and either cannot face going to the hospital or does not want to be a medical expense to the family. And according to Ricardo Galvis, director of a mental health center in the District of Columbia, the best method of treatment for these people is to show the individual that someone cares. Perhaps today I am speaking to someone at this very moment who feels that no one really cares for you. May I remind you that there is someone who does care. Jesus cares. Today, I invite you to reach out the hand of faith in prayer, and receive Christ into your life. When you do, you will find a new reason for living and a real purpose for your life.

Pastor Alex Rockwell