Sept 13 – Best Way to Quit Smoking

The best way to quit smoking is to do it suddenly, or cold turkey because cutting down gradually may only prolong the agony of withdrawal symptoms. Researchers at the University of California at los Angeles compared the physiological and psychological symptoms of twenty people who quit cold turkey and twenty who cut back slowly. They found that withdrawal symptoms decreased more sharply for those who quit smoking suddenly. Withdrawal symptoms are the main reasons three of every four smokers do not succeed in their efforts to quit. There is an important lesson in this “cold turkey” method of stopping smoking a dangerous weed called tobacco. Many people plan one day to quit smoking but they just don’t get around to it and similarly, many plan one day to have a change of life and to be prepared for the next life. One person told me many years ago that he was working his way into it gradually, and that in a few years time, he would complete the cycle and become a Christian. To date that has not happened. God’s word the bible tells us that conversion is instantaneous. Rather than edging your way sideways into the Christian life, it would be far better to take the plunge quickly, acknowledging yourself a sinner and inviting the lord Jesus Christ into your life.

Pastor Alex Rockwell