Sept 17 – Bees

Did you know that a worker bee has eyes with about 7,000 lenses, hair that has an electrostatic charge that attracts pollen, and when the bee locates food, it alerts other bees of the location by a series of dance moves? Bees have wing hooks which can attach each set of wings together during flight for maximum efficiency? Did you know that bees are equipped with every detail necessary for survival? And they’re necessary to humans, for without pollination, our food supply would be seriously affected. And yet, in spite of this amazing creature, some apparently intelligent people say that bees got that way by accident. But Genesis chapter one says “So God created every living thing that moves…” but He also said, “the fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” Yes, there is an intelligent, designing God, and we’ll all give account to Him one day.

Pastor Alex Rockwell