Oct 7 – Divorce and Broken Homes

Clint Eastwood, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Judd and Johnny Depp have all recently been divorced or separated from their husband, wife or partner. Sadly, this is common among the rich and famous. But one in every two marriages in Canada now ends in divorce. But even if a warm affection no longer exists, a dying marriage can be restored., if both parties are willing to admit their own faults,. Most marriages fail because of selfishness. God gives us the antidote to selfishness in marriage- “Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own…”.If your marriage is in trouble, please , let the gentle winds of God’s grace blow on the smoldering embers of your dying marriage, the flame of love can be rekindled. You may be thinking, I can’t forgive. I’ve been hurt too much. Then acknowledge that you need outside help. Remember that God wants your marriage to continue. First, invite Him into your life, ask His forgiveness, and then having been forgiven, begin the process of forgiving of your spouse.

Pastor Alex Rockwell