Nov 18 – Just a Finger

It was just a finger, but all the Police needed to get their man. A nineteen year old youth in Toronto stole a car, drove it in a dangerous fashion, had an accident and failed to remain at the scene. He was using a suspended driver’s license, and he was in possession of another person’s license. But in the accident, he lost a finger which the police found in the wreckage. After comparing its print with fingertips in their records, the young man was arrested and charged. Now most criminals are not tracked down in such a spectacular fashion. However, in the long run, all wrong- doers will be eventually caught, if not by man, by God. Paul, in the new testament put it as follows-“do not be deceived, god is not mocked. Whatever one sows that he will also reap.” Nobody wins at the sin game. Please, today, acknowledge your wrong-doing and ask Christ for forgiveness.

Pastor Alex Rockwell