Nov 26 – Gambling

Someone rocked a boat to see if it would tip. It did. Someone looked into the barrel of a gun to see if it was loaded. It was. Someone smelled escaping gas and lit a piece of oily waste to find the leak. He found it. Someone lived all his life rejecting Christ and the gospel to see if there really was a hereafter. There was. In each case, those involved were taking a chance, gambling. They lost. It may be that you never buy lotto tickets, never visit the casinos or never gamble. But if you are leaving Christ out of your life, staking everything on the idea that the hereafter and the need of the new birth to get to heaven are just silly myths, you are taking the biggest gamble of time and eternity. You will lose. You are betting against the integrity of Jesus Christ Himself, who certified them as true. He asked, “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?”

Pastor Alex Rockwell