Jan 06 – Life After Death

A California university has been awarded a five million dollar grant to try to find out if there is life after death. It may well be that they will conclude that there is no evidence of an afterlife, if they do not believe the Bible to be true. Few would accuse Jesus of being evil, or a false teacher. Even atheists usually refer to Him with respect. And there is no greater evidence for the existence of life after death than Christ’s physical resurrection. History records that Jesus not only rose from the grave, but appeared to hundreds of people over a period of 40 days before ascending to heaven. It is recorded that after His resurrection, He was seen by over five hundred people at one time. It is doubtful if all 500 would agree to lie about that, and then keep it a secret. Yes, Jesus died, went to the after life, then came back and re-assures us that there is hope beyond the grave, if we have Christ in our lives. After all, He said, “because I live, you shall live also.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell