Jan 16 – Precepts Against Arrogance

Wang Xizhi, (Shedju) was a famous Chinese calligraphist. His youngest son, Wang Jr. became skilled in the art too, but became arrogant. To teach his son a lesson, Wang wrote a poem, which he called “Precepts against Arrogance.” In his father’s absence, the son, erased the original and re-wrote it. Later, the father, recognizing it was not his writing, exclaimed, “Alas, could I have written such clumsy characters? “ Clearly it was an imperfect reproduction of the original. God gave us us His standard of perfection in the 10 commandments. In fact they were given to reveal our sinfulness and our need of a Saviour. Paul described it by saying, “the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.” Then, when Jesus died on the Cross, He became our substitute and provided the righteousness we all need to fit us for heaven.

Pastor Alex Rockwell