Mar 19 – The Correct Diagnosis

A few months ago, a man was taken to the emergency department of a Maritime hospital. Although in considerable pain and fading in and out of consciousness, he did not see a doctor for four hours. After a hurried examination, the doctor gave a diagnosis and left. Fortunately for the gentleman, another doctor was uneasy about the diagnosis and ordered further investigation. The patient was found to be in a life threatening condition and appropriate steps were taken to save his life. Proper diagnosis is necessary, especially when people are seriously ill. And when we think of our spiritual needs the same holds true. God, in His Word, the Bible gives us a proper diagnosis of our true spiritual condition, telling us that “all have sinned” and that “there is none righteous.” But the heavenly Father loves us and sent His Son, telling us that “Christ died for our sins.” And offering forgiveness.

Pastor Alex Rockwell