Apr 02 – Resident Thief

The following poem was written recently by my brother-in-law Earl Clemens, who has Parkinson’s disease. It goes, “A stranger has come to my house; It looks like he’s here to stay! He’s taking over my schedule, controlling me day by day. Since this usurper’s arrival, I’ve noticed things disappear, Things of importance and value; Talents that once I held dear. Every task becomes a burden, as I struggle with the thief Who limits expressive desire And offers little relief. Yet greater than Parkinson’s plunder That leaves this house less than whole, Is Jesus who knows the challenge And daily strengthens my soul. So friend, when you come to my house And see how I struggle to cope, Pray that I’ll maintain a balance Between my frustration and hope. To those who are afflicted with this disease, or others like it, Peter invites, “casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell