May 21 – Prescription Drugs

tfh sunriseThe Ontario Addiction Research Foundation conducted a large scale study of prescriptions for non-hospitalized Toronto residents, and were surprised. They learned that 24% of all prescriptions issued by Toronto doctors annually were for so called mood modifying drugs, such as sedatives, tranquilizers and stimulants. No doubt some of these drugs were for an appropriate short term use and did what they were supposed to do. But certainly not 24%! This is quite a commentary on the inability or unwillingness of many to face up to life as it is. In attempting to escape from reality and unpleasantness, so many choose liquor, illicit sex, drugs, or other negative and destructive substitutes. But these adventures into a make believe world do not provide real or lasting answers to life’s problems. They only add guilt. Christ invites us all, saying, “come to me all you who labor and are are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Pastor Alex Rockwell