May 26 – The Saving Cross

A swimming instructor tells the following amazing but true story. He said, “One night I could not sleep, so decided to have a swim, hoping this would relax me. I didn’t put the lights on for I knew every inch of the place. The moon was shining brightly and I could see my body clearly outlined on the opposite wall. As I raised my arms for the dive, my shadow made a perfect sign of the cross. I thought of the words of an old hymn ‘he died that I might be forgiven.’ I was not a Christian, but I began to think of the cross of Christ and what it meant. …for some reason, I did not dive. I … made my way to the stairs. As I walked down, my feet touched the bottom of the pool. Unknown to me, the caretaker had drained the pool. The cross on the wall saved my life that night. I knelt in gratitude and asked the Christ of the cross to save my soul.” Quite a story. How good to know that “…while we were still sinners, Christ died for us..”

Pastor Alex Rockwell