May 29 – No Hiding From Facebook

The popular Facebook has a face recognition which will automatically identify people in uploaded photos on the site. Useful? Sure. But the downside is that privacy is significantly threatened. And it’s not just Facebook clients, but everyone a Facebook has identified, even once in an uploaded photo. We can remove the tags, delete the photos, even the Facebook account. It’s no use. The permanent record is there. You cannot hide from Facebook. That could cause problems. And of greater importance – You cannot hide from God either. The all-seeing, all knowing God keeps our records. That can be scary, but there’s good news. Our loving heavenly Father is willing to delete all our misbehaviors from His records, if we sincerely ask. He promises, “call unto me and I will answer you,” and when a jailer in the Bible asked how he could be sure of heaven, he was told, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell