June 19 – Vitamins

tfh sunriseVitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin, and recommended especially in the winter, when we tend to spend less time in the sun than at other seasons. There are also many other dietary supplements folks take, including vitamin C, Vitamin B, garlic and many more. We have become very health conscious and with the proliferation of information about the alleged value of these supplements, it’s no wonder there can be little doubt that some, at least, are helpful. But as important as it is for us to take care of our physical health, it is even more important to look inside and examine our spiritual condition. Remember please, that we are only here on this planet for a relatively short time. We are going to spend somewhere, after this life, forever. Amos, the old testament prophet wisely advised all of us with the words, “prepare to meet your God.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell