July 11 – The Hiding Place

tfh sunriseCorrie Ten Boom, famous heroine of the Second World war suffered unspeakable horrors in a Nazi Concentration Camp during Hitler’s reign of terror. Her story of triumph is told in her book “The Hiding Place” she wrote, “Dear Jesus, how foolish of me to call for human help when You are here.” Most of us will never be called upon to suffer as Corrie did, but in every life some hardship and sufferings will come. Instead of blaming God for our trouble, let’s turn to Him for forgiveness and comfort, claiming the Bible promise in the book of James, “Draw near unto God and He will draw near to you.” But James was inspired to add in that same verse, the following condition for our coming near to God and He to us- “Cleanse your hands …and purify your hearts, you double minded….humble yourselves in the sight of God and He will lift you up.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell