July 21 – Soil and Soul

Save Our Soil” was written on the bumper sticker on the car in front of us. And it seems that everywhere today we are being alerted to the very real dangers of pollution. Environmentalist such as Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and former Vice President Al Gore speak often of the dangers of chemicals, contaminants and unhealthy components in our water and air. And we should all listen and salute their efforts. But I suggest that there is a greater danger which demands our immediate attention- the moral pollution rampant in our society today. We live in a world of filthy language, fornication, perverted sex and pornography. And just as there will be a payday if we ignore the environmental pollution around us. So there will be a payday for our moral and spiritual pollution. Still applicable today is Jesus’ warning to “repent and believe the gospel “ and later, “unless you repent you will all …perish.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell