Aug 15 – Rejection

An acquaintance of mine, who thought he was in a good marriage, was shocked when his wife of over 25 years informed him that she was leaving him and longer wanted to be in his life. He was devastated. A little later, the well educated talented schoolteacher daughter of friends of mine was unceremoniously released from her high school teaching position. In spite of all efforts, no credible reason was given for her dismissal. She has been unable to get a new teaching position in her province, with a traumatic impact on the young woman. Few actions are more crushing than rejection? How do you cope when it slams into your life? When responding, it is important to admit to yourself that you are hurt. Don’t be ashamed of shedding tears. Healing can’t really begin until we admit a problem exists. If you’re hurting today, listen to Peter the Apostle, as he advises, us to be “casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” He’s there for us.

Pastor Alex Rockwell