Sept 5 – Solomon’s Awakening

I denied myself nothing my eyes desired, I refused no pleasure. I amassed silver and gold.” Those words could have been spoken by many prominent people today, but they are the words of King Solomon. He was the ancient king of Israel and he tased of the good life, and had every opportunity to do so. His tastes were extravagant, his appetites unrestrained. But at the end of the day, he found everything was meaningless. But when he looked to God, he concluded that to fear God and live a God honouring life was the only thing that satisfied and brought fulfillment and happiness. Perhaps you too are looking to pleasure, money or material achievement to find the good life. As with Solomon, only through a proper relationship with God through faith in Christ can this be found. Our only hope for peace, security and eternal life is in Him. Jesus said that He came to this world that we might “have life, and that and…have it more abundantly.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell