Sept 16 – Finished

The famed cabinet maker decided to surprise a lifetime friend with a gift, his own work. He searched the world over for the best wood. Then for months, day and night he worked to produce a beautiful table. He finished his masterpiece after hours and hours of hand polishing. Finally, bringing masterpiece to his friend’s home, he is welcomed, and the priceless gift is given. But then, the cabinet maker is shocked and horrified when he sees the friend take a piece of sandpaper and move toward the table. Intervening, the master craftsman Shouts “please stop. There is nothing more to do. It is finished.” And it is just like that regarding our relationship with God. Christ did all the work for our forgiveness and the gift of eternal life by dying at Calvary for us. On that old rugged cross, He cried out “It is finished! We can add nothing to it We have only to receive it. Or as the Bible puts it, “The free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell