Oct 10 – Louis Cyr, Strongman

Over the years, Louis Cyr, from Quebec, set a total of seven world records and earned himself a place in Canada’s sports Hall of Fame. On one occasion he lifted five hundred and fifty two and a half pounds. Quite an accomplishment particularly when you do it with one finger the way Cyr did it. Another time he lifted a three hundred and seventy four pound barrel of cement from the ground to his shoulders without bending his knees. In London, in 1892, 15,000 people watched him win the world weight lifting championship.. But as amazing as those feats of strength, there is someone who has lifted more. I speak of Jesus Christ, God’s Son. He lifts the burden of sin, guilt and despair from those who are finding them too much to bear. Of Him, the Bible says,”Who His own self bore our sins in His body on the tree.”And Matthew records Jesus’ promise- “Come to me all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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