Nov 10 – The Do and Done Religions

There are only two religions in the world- the “do” and the “done. ”Yes there are many different religions groups, but all “do” religions may be lumped into one, because they all tell us that by doing good works, joining their particular branch we can prepare for the next life beyond the grave. They all teach that to be pleasing to God- become a member of our religion, or, do penance for your sins, Do good deeds and you will please God. In stark contrast is the “done” religion. It’s teaching is that you and I can do nothing on our own to impress God. How do I know this? It’s all in the Bible, which many of the do religions profess to follow. The Bible clearly tells us that all of us are sinners by nature and by choice. And the evidence for that is worldwide. The Bible tells says that Jesus has done everything we need. When He died , He cried out “It is finished.” Paul wrote of our salvation that is “not by works of righteousness that we have done. The “done”. Do you belong to the “do” or the “done” religion?

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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