Nov 27 – Blaming God

Last month, two young Canadian soldiers were murdered, adding to a growing number of terrorist related atrocities. Often people look at the violence and heartbreak in this world and ask, “why does God allow these terrible things to happen? If we are thinking people, we must remember that much of the violence and heartbreak comes because we have been given power to choose. And man has, for the most part, chosen rebellion and disobedience to his Creator, resulting often in harm coming to innocent people. From the beginning, we cannot deny the existence of evil or the main source of evil itself- Satan, called in the Bible, “the god of this age.” As a matter of fact, the Bible declares, “if our gospel is veiled, to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this world has blinded…lest the light of the glory of Christ should shine on them.” Say, isn’t it time to stop blaming God for what mankind has brought on ourselves?”

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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