Jan 14 – Prepared Place for Prepared People

I recently read the touching story of a couple about to move to a foreign country to retire. An accumulation of a lifetime of memories had to be packed into four suitcases. Would all the pain of sifting, sorting, selling and giving away be worth it in the end? Thought many tears were shed in the process, it was concluded that all the sacrifices that were made were nothing compared to the paradise that awaited them when they arrived at their destination. How tightly we cling to the little treasures of this life-possessions, mementoes, often never thinking of where we will spend eternity. For those who have Christ in their lives, having accepted Jesus’ wonderful offer of forgiveness, cleansing and peace, that final home will be heaven. We won’t be packing any suitcases for that trip. As the old hymn says, “nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Your cross I cling.” Jesus has said,” Let not your heart be troubled…I go to prepare a place for you.” Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. Are you prepared?

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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