Jan 21 – Living As Loners

“It can be by design, accident, choice or habit…there are those among us who live very solitary lives… some even in isolation.” That is a story about Maritimers who, for whatever reason, live lives as “loners” or as they are now described, “outliers.” Sometimes this is a result of ageing, bereavement, disability, or just personal preference. While it is true that we are social creatures, we also crave by times, quietness and time for reflection. No matter what type of person we are, our ultimate peace and rest will be found only through a proper relationship with the Heavenly Father. The Psalmist wrote of this as follows- “My soul rests in God alone; my salvation comes from Him…He alone is my rock and my salvation…” Then the Psalmist urges all, to “trust in Him at all times, O people. Pour out your hearts to Him for God is our refuge.” What a beautiful invitation from the Lord. Come to Him with your heartaches, your burdens, yes, even your sins. He is ready to forgive and welcome home, the humble and sincere of heart.

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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