Feb 02 – Rush Hour

Rush hour in Charlottetown PEI can be slightly annoying. But smile when you think of rush hour in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver. In these areas of high traffic, rage sometimes erupts when drivers cut others off. Or you can become trapped and wait endlessly. Similarly, in our lives sometimes we feel we are trapped and see no way to escape We become stressed with all the accompanying side effects. Paul the Apostle certainly had causes for stress. He was beaten, wrongly imprisoned, shipwrecked, stoned, left for dead. However, he learned the secret of contentment in those circumstances, realizing that God is greater than our circumstances. As a matter of fact, Paul once wrote, “all things work together for good, to those who love God…” So the next time you get into a trapped situation, when tempted to panic, look beyond the situation and trust the Heavenly Father. He has “all power in heaven and earth.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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