Feb 12 – Economic Hardships

Target is closing all of its 133 stores in Canada, throwing over 17,000 employees out of work.. The drop in prices of furnace oil, gasoline and diesel, while benefiting some, is hurting others. In light of these ominous economic signs, the words of one man are relevant. He said, “I pulled my blanket tighter around my shoulders and snuggled in the warmth of my family, my job, my education, my good health, my financial security. But the winds of change whipped at the corners; the cold of the future pierced my cover and I shivered. Suddenly my blanket was ripped from my grasp and I stood exposed in all my fears. Then I looked up to Him. Slowly I was enveloped with certainty. His Son Jesus had promised, ‘My peace I give to you. Do not be afraid or troubled.’ I was warm.” As secure as we may feel outside of the Lord Jesus in our little “security blanket,” someday it may be ripped from our grasp. But we don’t have to face the future alone We can allow the Son of God to wrap us in His love as our Saviour and Lord. Then we will be warm.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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