Mar 26 – No Surprises at the Checkout

It’s income tax time again. And it seems to some that every time we turn around there’s another tax to be paid. There are property taxes, sales taxes, corporate taxes and , inheritance taxes, to name a few. Someone once said, “Beware! The price on the shelf is never what you end up paying at the check-out.” That’s good advice for all shoppers. It’s also good advice for life in general. Satan, or the Devil (whom many foolishly think exists only in our imagination) is called the “god of this world” in the Bible. He deceivingly represents his allurements such as popularity, amusements, indulgence in harmful habits and so being good bargains. But at the end of life, as we come to life’s checkout, the hidden taxes are revealed, which include enslavement, addictions, broken relationship, and shattered lives. However, there is good news. Jesus promised “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” He identified the recipients as those who have accepted Him as Saviour and turned their lives over to Him.

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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