Mar 30 – Thomas Huxley

T.H.Huxley(Woodburytype)Thomas Huxley, famous biologist and self-avowed humanist, recounts an amusing experience. He had finished a lecture series in Dublin Ireland. The following morning, Huxley took a horse drawn taxi and presuming the driver had been given his destination by the hotel doorman, said, “Drive fast, I’m in a hurry.” Before long he realized they were headed in the wrong direction at break-neck speed. Leaning forward, he shouted, “Driver, do you know where you are going?”No sir,” replied the driver, “but I’m going very fast.” Sounds like our world, where so many are going at a terrific speed, but their destination is unknown. Rollo May, an American psychologist and author once said, “It’s ironic that humans run f aster when they have lost their way.“ We’d Better stop, look and listen! Solomon, writing in the Proverbs said, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Great advice for then and for all time.

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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