Apr 03 – Random Act of Kindness

In a recent Dear Abbey column, a lady told of an incident at a drive through restaurant. The line was long. A man in his work truck waited to enter the line, but nobody would let him in. So the woman who was in the lineup stopped her car and allowed him to go ahead of her. He did, and was served. When she was paying for her order, she learned that her meal had been already paid. The man had left more than enough to cover her charges. We are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves. The song called “Cups of Cold Water.” Has timely words.- “Healing the widows and orphans in their needs, Healing the sick ones and binding hearts that bleed, Feeding the hungry this we must surely do. By this we serve Him and demonstrate His love.” And the greatest good we can do is to share the story of Jesus and His love with others.. John, in his letter underlined that with the words, “this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice for our sins.”


Pastor Alex Rockwell

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