Apr 14 – Loblaws To Sell Imperfect Produce

“We often focus too much on the look of the produce rather than the taste.” Those are the words of Ian Gordon, a senior vice president, of Loblaw Brands as part of an announcement that Loblaws are going to begin selling misshapen apples and potatoes at a 30 per cent discount at Superstores and No Frills in Ontario, Maxi stores in Quebec., and eventually nationwide. This is fascinating marketing- inviting folks to look past the outward appearance and see what’s on the inside. Samuel, in the Old Testament stated that “man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.” Apparently He looks past our physique, our financial resources, our education and sees the real you and me. And whether or not we look attractive to others, He sees the potential of every human being. As we acknowledge our spiritual needs, for “all have sinned, ” and open the door to our inner being, Jesus says, “I will come in…” Then He can make “something beautiful” of our lives, even if outwardly unattractive.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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