May 13 – B.C. Quake Predicted

Last month it was reported that the south coast of Haida Gwai is the likely epicenter of a future large earthquake and tsunami in British Columbia. Thomas James of the Geological Survey of Canada has studied the second biggest earthquake in Canadian history in 2012. He is convinced that the pressures that produce changes in the earth’s crust raise the possibility of future earthquakes and tsunamis in the region. His predictions follow a provincial government report which concluded that because of 20 years of staff cutbacks, B.C.s earthquake preparedness is inadequate. Not being prepared for the future possible disasters is a very serious condition. But not being prepared for the next life, which is a sure thing for all of us, is even more serious. Isaiah advised, us to “ seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near…for He will abundantly pardon.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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