May 27 – Captain Left Behind

A young naval officer was given an opportunity to display his ability to get the ship on which he was serving, underway. He soon had men running in all directions and the ship was steaming out of the harbor. He had accomplished a remarkable feat and had set a new time record. Then he was approached with a message from the Captain of the ship. It read, “My personal congratulations on completing your exercise. However, in your haste, you overlooked an unwritten rule- make sure the Captain is on board before getting underway.” The captain had been left on shore. It’s like many of us on the voyage of life. We rush, we plan, we forge ahead, but neglect to make sure that the Captain of our souls, the Lord Jesus Christ is aboard. In our eagerness and ambition to succeed in life, we sometimes leave out the most important of all- a proper relationship with Christ. Jesus Himself said, “…no one comes to the Father except through Me.” Is the “Captain of our salvation” on your ship of life today?

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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