June 15 – Mistakes of Solomon Repeated Today

“Live it up man-have fun.” Solomon of old tried that philosophy. He had every opportunity, the resources of his kingdom, an enormous harem and his appetites were unrestrained, his tastes extravagant. Loud music and laughter reverberated through the halls. But this did not satisfy him and he concluded in despair, “All is vanity.” As long as Solomon sought happiness apart from God, he was disappointed. But when he realized his hope for peace and lasting joy was found in God, then he really began to live. What was true for Solomon is also true for us today. Pleasures are temporary, they “ last but for a season.” But when we acknowledge our spiritual need, turn away from man made answers and to Christ, something amazing and life-changing happens. We find, as the Psalmist wrote that ,” In His presence is fullness of joy, at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore. “

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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