July 10 – Distracted Driving

Elizabeth Renzetti, writing in a recent article in the Globe and Mail says that ninety- three percent of thirteen hundred people think distracted driving is a problem, but only thirty-five percent admit to doing it themselves. In other words, it’s the “other guy’s problem.” Failing to take responsibility for one’s actions is a common human trait that will not be an acceptable excuse for wrongdoing when we stand before the Lord. Paul reminds us that “… each one of us will give account of himself, or herself to God.” At that time, it will not do to give the excuse, “I couldn’t help myself,” or “It was somebody else’s fault that I did it.” The critical question each of us will face when we meet our Maker is summarized in an old hymn, which asks, “What will you do with Jesus? Neutral you cannot be. Someday your heart will be asking, What will He do with me?”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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