Aug 12 – Small Things

With Internet video footage, we now can view scenes that otherwise we might never expect to see in a lifetime. Some feel that their lives are insignificant, compared to the excitement of others. But “in the process of reaching for the firsts, the bests and the biggest, we miss so much.” These insightful thoughts in the Charlottetown Guardian were written by columnist Russell Wangersky recently, who added, “But don’t forget that there’s great worth in the small and the discrete.” Remember too, that God, our Creator is mindful of small things. The Bible tells us “He sees a sparrow that falls to the ground.” and, “He clothes the lilies of the field.” We learn that He even “numbers the hairs of our head.” A gospel song answers the question, “How big is God? He’s big enough to rule this mighty universe, yet small enough to live within our hearts.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell