Aug 28 – The Chinese Financial Meltdown

China is experiencing a financial crisis. Ninety million Chinese private investors have lost an average of 67,000 dollars each in the last few weeks on the Chinese stock markets. About four trillions in paper values have been wiped out. The circumstances regarding the economy of China is really a mirror of what is true of life in general. Even if we are healthy, financially secure, and surrounded by loved ones, we never know what’s coming for us. We all live in a world of uncertainty and change. That’s why it is so wonderful to learn that our heavenly Father says, “… I am the Lord, I do not change; Therefore you are not consumed…” and to know that our Savior is “the same, yesterday and today and forever.” When we are in a relationship with Him, we can say with the hymn writer, “With Christ in the vessel, we can smile at the storm.”
Pastor Alex Rockwell