Sept 07 – Unpaid Debts

Countries around the world like China and Greece are in economic trouble. Last month Greece borrowed billions of dollars from other European countries to stave off financial disaster. And the question of our the Canadian economy is being raised. Are we sliding into a recession? As individuals, we are being warned to reduce our personal debt load. The prudent will take action in regards to these matters. But even more important is our sin debt, since the Bible refers to “the wages of sin.” We all carry this debt because “all have sinned”, and we cannot repay it. But God, in His mercy sent His Son, the Lord Jesus, who by His death on the Cross paid the debt of our sin. But while He did that, we each must acknowledge our spiritual bankruptcy, our inability to pay, and ask Him to cancel it out on His ledger. The Bible says, “who Himself (Jesus) bore our sins in His own body on the cross that we… might live.” Surely that is an offer that none of us can afford to refuse.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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