Sept 10 – Flowers For Sale

I read recently the interesting story of a wise elderly lady selling flowers. Upon learning the price, a prospective buyer said, “That’s quite a bit of money for something that God made isn’t it?” But the seller alertly replied, “Yes, God made these flowers, but He didn’t pick them.” The incident, reminded me of something I once heard. “God never uses the supernatural where the natural will do. He does not press your trousers or shine your shoes. He expects you to do that for yourself.” He provides for our needs, we have to take steps to acquire what He has given. We need to pick the “flowers of life.” And He graciously provided a way to heaven- “He gave His only begotten Son,” to die on the old rugged cross for us. However just as He will not pick flowers for us, you and I have a responsibility to respond by acknowledging our spiritual need and asking His forgiveness and inviting Him into our lives. He does not force Himself on anyone, but His door is always open to sincere, humble seekers.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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