Shattered October 23, 2015

Doris Louise Seger opened the door to her office and found her precious violin in pieces. She was crushed. It had been a high school graduation gift from her parents. A week later police found the vandal and Doris went to his home. When she saw the skinny blond 11 year old sitting next to his father. Louise knew that the real tragedy was not her shattered violin, but a young life, headed for a shattered future. She said, “I forgive you, and God will too, if you ask Him.” A few days later that boy came to a Pastor’s office asking hesitantly, “Is there any work that I can do at the church to pay for the violin? Sensing his repentant heart, the Pastor shared the gospel with the boy, who received Christ as His Saviour. Doris purchased a new violin, but thinking of Paul’s words, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation,” she wrote, the new violin “would never compare with the ‘new creature’ in Christ Jesus.” And all heading for a shattered future can have a changed life by turning to the Saviour.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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